I’ve made some updates to a couple of projects that I wrote a few years ago. It’s been quite some time since I’ve changed anything with them.

Thanks to all who contributed with issues and pull requests in both these projects!


snap-pac is a set of pacman hooks that take pre/post btrfs snapshots via snapper. It’s just a way to make it easy to rollback the system after an upgrade on Arch Linux.

Not much changes here other than removing some old information. The hooks and script remain the same.

Here is the most recent release.


snap-sync is a bash script that helps use snapper for incremental btrfs backups.

All of the improvements came as ideas from other users by them filing issues or PR’s. You can see their contributions on Github.

Here I added a quiet option via the -q flag so that notifications don’t pop up if the user doesn’t want them. I also changed it so that old snapshots used in calculating the incremental change are no longer kept by default. They can be kept with the -k flag though.

Additionally I added support for sudo when performing a backup remotely via ssh and added the optional dependency pv to show a progress bar during the backup.

Lastly, a user has set it up so the package can now be installed on Fedora.

Here is the most recent release.

There are a couple of outstanding issues that I’m still working on. One is when there are multiple mount points for the same subvolume. Here we want the user to specify a flag to indicate which mount point to use.

Additionally there’s some discussion ongoing about what should be listed as the dependencies of the project.